Getting started

1/1/2014 9:05 PM
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1.  First start and  “New Application” form.

Fill a name for your first application and select a folder to work on. Then click on 'Create' button.
Congratulation you successfully created your first application and you are ready to start amazing things.

*For more details about the application creation check ‘1. Application’.


2. Import files.

You may want to import your files inside the application that you just created.
For that, copy your files in the folder ‘data’ of your application (E.g. “D://Work/Tutorials/data/”).
Now to access your files inside Gaea go to the ‘Library’ form > ‘data’ tab.
Finally you just need to drag and drop your file from the ‘Library’ form to the ‘View’ form.
Congratulation your successfully imported your first character.
*For more details about the import or files check ‘2. File management’.

3. Save level.

Before we continue, you should save the level. Press ‘control’ + 's’ or click on ‘Center’ tab > ‘Save’ button.
Enter a name like ‘MyFirstLevel’  and validate.
You can set a level by drag and drop from the library level tab to the ‘Editor’ view or the ‘Timeline’ form.
Congratulation you have successfully saved your first level.
*For more details about the levels  check ‘3. Level’.

4. Navigation and transform tools.

Now, you probably want to move stuff around.
First, select your entity by clicking on it.
Press ‘alt’ key and left click to turn around it, if you get lost just press ‘control’ +’f’ or click on ‘View’ tab > ‘FocusCamera’ button.
Press ‘control’ + ‘w’ or click on ‘Transform’ tab > ‘Move’ button to set the move tools and click on the gizmo to move in the direction you want.
If you want to reset all the transform on the selected entity, click on ‘Transform’ tab > ‘ResetTransfrom’ button.
When you finish, don’t forget to save.
Congratulation you know how to navigate and use the different tools.
*For more details about the camera navigation check ‘4. Navigation’.
*For more details about the transform tools check ‘5. Transform tools’.

5. Basic camera orbit.

We can try to setup a basic camera orbit for the character.
You will need :
- Pivot point for the camera (entity ‘Dummy’).
- Trigger when the left click is down (event ‘FingerRelativeMove’)
- Action to rotate the pivot (action ‘InputYaw’)
Drag and drop the entity ‘Dummy’ from the Library entity tab to the Timeline and you can change his name by opening the Inspector form and change his name into change ‘CameraPivot.
Then drag and drop the event ’FingerRelativeMove’ from the Library event tab on dummy ‘CameraPivot’.
Drag and drop the action ’InputYaw’ from the Library event tab on event ’FingerRelativeMove’.
The last part is to drag the camera inside the timeline on the dummy ‘CameraPivot’.
Select the camera and add the flag ‘Relative’
You should get that : (see picture)
Play the timeline and be sure you are in final view or you can press ‘control’ + ‘enter’ to see it in Fullscreen and press ‘escape’ key  to come back from Fullscreen view.
You can add the action ‘InputPitch’ to be able to turn around with 2 axes.
Time to save but this time press ‘control’ + ‘shift’ + ‘s’ or click on the ‘Center’ tab > ‘SaveAs’ button. Enter a name like ‘MyFirstCameraOrbit’ and validate.
Congratulation you learn how to use entities, actions and events.

6. Publishing on the web.

Now you are ready to publish.
Open the ‘Export’ form and enable ‘Web’ profile and press on ‘Export’ button.
When is finish click on ‘Start browser’ on ‘GaeaHTTPD Web Server’ inside the windows task bar.
It will start your internet browser, click the link ‘CurrentLevel’ >‘Web’ and then the name of your level (e.g. ‘MyFirstCameraOrbit.html’)
To upload to the server, enter login, password and press on ‘Upload’ button.
Now just check the website and welcome on board.
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